My Book!

Overwhelmed teachers, this book is for you. The truth is that you can be remarkable without burning out. Drawing from the latest research and her own teaching experiences, author Morgane Michael delivers doable strategies to reignite your passion and replenish your well-being. Make a commitment today to begin a new chapter--one where you continue to make a difference while maintaining a deep sense of wellness, worthiness, and wholeheartedness.

21-Days of (Physically-Distanced) Kindness

As we make preparations to move back into the classroom in British Columbia, tensions are high and people across sectors are scrambling to accommodate back-to-work orders in a physically-distanced, Covid-pandemic era. I've been scouring the internet for ideas that will enable me to continue supporting my students' online learning and Social Emotional Learning, while attempting … Continue reading 21-Days of (Physically-Distanced) Kindness

Commit or Quit?

There are four statements that super-entrepreneurs, Chase Jarvis and Chris Guillibeau suggest you should consider before you commit or quit a current endeavour. Quite often, we're scared of quitting...of being branded as non-committal, of giving up before the getting is good. It turns out that quitting is important. Our resources (time, money, attention) are often … Continue reading Commit or Quit?

Healthy Heartfelt Habits for the Covid Crisis (With Dr.Shimi Kang)

Child psychologist, Dr. Shimi Kang (author of The Tech Solution and The Dolphin Parent) explains how to navigate this uncertain times during the Covid-19 pandemic. We cover a lot of ground and here are a few ideas she shares with us: -the three mindsets to avoid in order to ward off post-traumatic-stress disorder - learning … Continue reading Healthy Heartfelt Habits for the Covid Crisis (With Dr.Shimi Kang)

Yes or No? The Surprising No-Fail Decision Metric from Marie Forleo

The amazing entrepreneur, podcast queen, and super-star self-development personality, Marie Forleo just came out with the terrific new book, Everything is Figure-outable. Back in the fall of 2019, she broke down the steps on getting your compass straight with Chase Jarvis on his podcast show: Ask yourself: “When I think about doing this project or saying … Continue reading Yes or No? The Surprising No-Fail Decision Metric from Marie Forleo

Am I a Storyteller?

It was in Grade Two when I first had the audacity to create an after-school writing club with a handful of friends. Audacious, because my teacher believed that although I showed hints of “potential,” my story craft was evidently pretty weak. Every week or so after the final bell rang, my little crew and I … Continue reading Am I a Storyteller?

Ep. 88: Girl in the Garage (With Sharon Hughes)

Sharon and I discuss how to overcome perfectionism, how to set realistic goals, how to overcome the tough stuff in your life, and how to support those going through difficult challenges. Hope you enjoy! What you believe about yourself dictates everything about your life; your success level, your perceived failures, and your quality of life. … Continue reading Ep. 88: Girl in the Garage (With Sharon Hughes)

Listen ~ Silent

Listening starts with silencing yourself, quieting the desire to respond, and truly leaning-in with the intention of developing a deeper understanding. It turns out WORDS and SWORD also share the same letters. Think on that for a minute. #smallactbigimpact #kindsight101 #beimpeccablewithyourword #wordsmatter #silent #listen #empathy #kindness #understanding

Ep. 87: Creative on Purpose (With Scott Perry)

Scott Perry is the ceo of Creative on Purpose, which helps people like you see and step into possibility in endeavors that make a difference. I met him as a coach on Seth Godin’s Akimbo workshops and was struck by his generosity, work ethic, and ability to connect authentically. Scott believes that making things better … Continue reading Ep. 87: Creative on Purpose (With Scott Perry)

What If We Had User Manuals for People?

What if we issued user-manual that made it easier for people to work with us? It’s almost certain that conflicts and misunderstandings would decrease and productivity would increase. That’s exactly what Dr. Adam Grant decided to do, after receiving some negative feedback from members of his team. He decided that it would be helpful for … Continue reading What If We Had User Manuals for People?