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Morgane believes that we are all responsible for the cultures in which we learn, work, and live. Morgane is also the producer and host of KindSight 101, a leading educational podcast with game-changing guests like NYT best-selling author and TED speaker Seth Godin, NYT best-selling-author Peter H. Reynolds, Dr. Stuart Shanker, Dr. Shimi Kang, Singer and Activist Raffi, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Bob Chapman, and more! She is the author of From Burnt Out to Fired Up: Reigniting your passion for teaching with Solution Tree Publishers. She is a mother of two, wife, and a primary educator in Victoria, BC.

From Burnt Out to Fired Up Session

Overwhelmed teachers, administrators, and educational assistants, this session is for you. The truth is that you can be remarkable without burning out. Drawing from the latest research and her own teaching experiences, author Morgane Michael delivers doable strategies to reignite your passion and replenish your well-being. Make a commitment today to begin a new chapter—one where you continue to make a difference while maintaining a deep sense of wellness, worthiness, and wholeheartedness.

  • Learn why burnout happens and what you can do to thrive once again.
  • Explore the five Rs—reflect, reframe, refocus, reconnect, and reveal—and understand how each can help counter burnout.
  • Acquire a clear road map for reigniting your love for teaching.
  • Inspire others to reignite their own passion for education.
  • Discover how to sustain your passion and avoid burnout going forward.

Inquiry into Kindness: Bringing the 21-Day Kindness Challenge to Life in Your Classroom

Founded in the research of individuals like Dr. Brené Brown, Simon Sinek, and Dr. Adam Grant, the Small Act Big Impact initiative seeks to develop research-backed training and educational programs that promote kindness, belonging, and safety in schools within the context of the 21st century skill-set our students need in order to face the uncertainty the future.

  • Book a hands-on workship for your educators
  • Research-based rationale for adopting the kindness program,
  • Tangible connections to the classroom and outside community,
  • Actionable lessons and tactics that teachers can implement the next school day!
  • Whether teachers wish to commit to the 21 days, 7 days or simply adopt the spirit of the 21-day challenge, this workshop will leave them feeling inspired and will provide them with a roadmap going forward. Together, let’s make a big impact, one small act at a time!

Staff Coaching and Book Club

Explore the themes and concepts of my book with your staff to reinvigorate yourselves, your staffroom culture, and set a positive trajectory for your school.

  • Kick off launch with staff; one-on-one calls available
  • Monthly check-ins with staff for 5 sessions related to themes of reflecting, reframing, refocusing, reconnecting, and revealing!
  • Coaching and goal-setting related to professional and personal efficacy


“The activities and presentation are great! I loved that you start with why. It was awesome. Thank you! We forget, sometimes, the simplicity and power of being kind.


“We had the pleasure of having the 21 day kindness challenge kick off assembly, last year in February, at our school. The kick off assembly was an amazing event held to highlight kindness and acts that promote being kind. Children were engaged and it kick started 21 days of connection friendship and respect for others in our building.


“I want to take a moment to thank you and commend you for your trauma / kindness work.  As well, thank you for making the time to present to our staff at our recent Professional day – it was a pleasure to witness your preparation, thoughtful planning, and passion for this work.  Your presentation was engaging, enlightening and well crafted. It was clear you have a real desire for sharing this work; the workshop did a fabulous job connecting the importance of understanding the trauma in the everyday lives of many of our students and how trauma impacts them in multiple ways. As well, you did a masterful job building understanding around what we can do in our work to help students who are experiencing trauma.  As well, you highlighted the idea that trauma is not simply the ‘big T’ cases we are typically aware of, but is often experienced by children both at school or at home on a much more regular basis. I particularly appreciated your understanding of the importance of ‘beginning with why’ before rushing to ideas and solutions – this is important in everything we do and can be a pitfall in education.  I believe our staff will benefit a great deal both from the ‘science of trauma’ information and the case you made for how necessary it is that we acknowledge its importance.  Last, while there are many things we cannot control as educators, we do have control of many things.  How we choose to plan, act and react are all within our control, can be improved from day to day, and come at no financial cost.”

Doug Smith, Principal, Greater Victoria School District (Educator In-Service)

Morgane presents in an engaging way that allows children to be active participants. Feedback from parents, teachers and students was always positive and we have continued to this day to reflect on what we have learned about kindness, how it makes us feel, help makes others feel, and how we can always strive to be kinder.”

Joanna Snow, Principal, McKenzie Elementary School

“I appreciated the use of videos to highlight kindness. Very practical! Many options to actually get started in our school. We work in a challenging school with a lot of trauma. I appreciated the link you made between kindness and it’s impact on trauma. Thank you. This session surpassed my expectations.”


“Practical and helps shift our focus to reach the whole child and to create more successful connections within our classes.” 


“Loved the personal touches- the rocks and notes, too! Loved and appreciated that it all moved along at a nice pace. So many great ideas! Inspiring! Thank you!” 


“Thanks again for coming to do your 21 Days of Kindness Challenge at Wishart!  It was something that fit well with our focus on being kind, accepting and grateful that we as a school have tried to focus on.


I know that your class presentations were very well received, and the whole school assembly was fantastic!  The students were engaged and participating with your presentation.  A testament to your presentation was that students were focused during that time.  I think hearing the stories brought your message of the kindness challenge to the attention of our school students.  Your suggestions of kind acts for the 21 days gives us a focus everyday which has been great, and seeing many students involved and doing that, and we have asked parents to do the same at home.”

Garry Manhas, Principal, Sooke District

“It was great to explore the resources in the workshop and the online website and links. There were terrific suggestions throughout. I’ve already shared the website with the staff at my school!”