In this busy world, there is so much information flying at us from all angles! As educators, the same is true not only of information, but resources, too! It is so difficult to set aside time to sift through lessons, ideas, and activities related to our ever-changing curriculum. When we finally do set aside the time, it can get over-whelming really quickly! It can be challenging even to decide where to look for quality lessons. Often, one can go down the never-ending rabbit hole of resources, manuals, Pinterest, websites, blogs, and Teachers-Pay-Teachers, only to come up up-handed and frustrated!

I am here to help! When I first started the 21-Day Small Act Big Impact Challenge, many of my appearances and lessons had to do with BIG IDEAS…which is good. However, I soon realized that teachers were over-whelmed by their already heavy task-loads. I quickly understood that in order for the 21-Day Kindness challenge to work in schools, I would have to gather resources that would add value for teachers.


In this section, you will find Grade-group-specific resources, activities, lessons, powerful and pertinent video links booklists and printables that I have gathered from a variety of quality sources that pertain to teaching kindness within the classroom. These lessons and activities will reinforce and support your classroom 21-Day Small Act Big Impact Challenge, jumpstart your Social-Emotional Learning framework within your classrooms, and build trust and teamwork within the culture of your class.


I always say, don’t reinvent the wheel, when it comes to teaching. Someone has probably come up with a powerful idea that will improve your classroom, so why not use it?! Often, reading about other lessons will give me enough inspiration to venture in my own direction.


Please make sure to comment and share if you found these resources useful. Let me know how you decided to use the lesson, how you tweaked it to fit your lessons, or how you became inspired to come up with your own ideas!


I especially love hearing about new and creative ideas that reinforce the culture of kindness within our schools. Be sure to join our new Facebook Group  and share your ideas with people, real-time. You never know how your generosity will spark someone’s inspiration!


As always, thanks for checking this out!

Together, let’s make a BIG IMPACT, one SMALL ACT at a time!