The following is a comprehensive list of the primary and intermediate lessons geared toward teaching kindness within the classroom. Simply click on any of the titles and/or images for a complete lesson outline and backline masters!

Kindness Rocks Lesson (K-12)


Sprinkle Kindness Lesson (K-3)

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.16.19 PM

Bully Hands: Discussion to Understand Bullying Behaviours (Grade 3-8)


Calendars and Classroom Ideas for the 21-Day SABI Kindness Challenge

Compliment Circles: Creating Space to Practice the Art of Giving and Receiving (K-12)

Crumpled Paper: Demonstrating the Lasting Impact of Unkindness (K-12)


Gossip and Glitter: Gossip Sticks (Grades 3-8)

Holiday Cheer: Pay-it-Forward Cookie Plate

Tracking the 21-Day Challenge (Printable Free Month-by-Month Themed Trackers)

Kindness Bingo (Grades 2-12)

Kindness Capes (K-2)

Kindness in Kindergarten: A Twist on the Special Helper (K-2)

kindergarten clip art

Paper Chain Kindness (K-5)

Peanut Butter and Cupcake Kindness Lesson (K-3)

peanut butter and cupcake book

Ripples of Kindness Lesson (K-5)


Sandpaper and Cotton-Ball Words (K-2)

Secret Service: Acts of Kindness (K-8)

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.51.20 PM

The Bruised Apple Kindness Lesson (K-12)


The Gift of Kindness: Holiday-Themed Kindness Lessons (K-5)


Toothpaste and Gossip Lesson (Grades 2-12)

IMG_1021Leave a comment below to share how you used and adapted this lesson for your classroom! I always get inspired by people’s stories and the things they do. You might just inspire someone today!

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