So a couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Seth Godin (New York Times Bestselling Author, TED speaker, blogger, podcast host, and marketing guru) to discuss creativity and his new book, The Practice.

Here’s the interview link for your commute or walk…it’s worth a listen:

Here’s what I learned about creative ventures:

  1. You have to clap for yourself. Don’t wait for permission or recognition. Just do it.
  2. Your taste will be better than your ability, initially. Wade through the muck until you get good.
  3. Just ship your work. Done is better than perfect.
  4. Creativity is a practice, not a talent. Develop the practice and commit to it, even when you don’t wanna.
  5. Keep making work that matters. If you want to share from a place of generosity not greed, your work will tend to resonate more authentically with folks.
  6. Be generous with others. People want to be seen. It’s important to bolster the efforts and work of others, too!
  7. Don’t forget to ask yourself what you’re doing it for? Why do you do what you do?
  8. Oh…and who is it for? Create an avatar in your mind of who you are speaking to, when it comes to your work. One hint is that you try and scratch your own itch…that way, at least one person (YOU) will get some benefit from your work.
  9. Don’t read the reviews. You are not for everyone. Choose a few people you trust to give you truthful, meaningful advice and feedback. Don’t aim to please everyone…because you simply won’t!
  10. Creativity is our most authentic human expression. It’s like exhaling. Creativity is within all of us. Don’t you dare tell yourself (or others) that you are not creative. Creativity starts with curiosity. What makes you curious?

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